Paywall Demo Shop

Paywall for WooCommerce by TIV.NET” extension allows creating products with restricted access to content.


Please feel free to check the demo products below.
This shop uses a “Fake Payments gateway”, which does not charge any money.

“Fake Payments gateway” is a feature of Admin Tools for WooCommerce.

Pay-to-view media: Frequently favored options

Products in this section demonstrate the “Restricted Media Access” feature of the Paywall for WooCommerce.
After payment, the customer will be able to watch a video, read a PDF file or view an image without the watermark:

Pay-to-view Google Docs™ and files on Google Drive™

Share your files as “Anyone with the link can view” (similar to the YouTube’s “Unlisted”) and sell access to them using the Paywall for WooCommerce extension.

Show/hide premium content

With Paywall, you can show/hide certain parts of the content using special shortcodes. You can also hide the entire “Description” tab until paid.

Media: Additional options

Paywall Pass

Paywall Pass gives a temporary access to all Paywall products